Developing Consciousness 

Navigating the Modern Journey to Enlightenment

About the Course

The course is based on the book “Developing Consciousness: A Roadmap to the Journey of Enlightenment” by Nicholas Vesey. 

Each week participants are given tools to navigate the journey to "modern" enlightenment through discussions, shared experiences, and exercises.  While this course covers eight weeks of topics, each class can be taken as a stand alone.

The ‘Arc’ of the course

Week 1:  Begins with the five senses (which are often taken for granted) and then moves into the further senses we have, and how these extra senses can affect one’s reality. 

Week 2:  Reality, the perception of reality, the functions of the mind and the way the mind shapes our reality is looked at.  As is the fact that we are not our minds.  With this awareness, the question ‘who are we?’ naturally arises.

Week 3:  Looks at how the idea of love and eternal truth serve as cornerstones to a mature state of consciousness, where one is able to feel the guiding forces of a power greater then themselves.  Are there forces guiding us as the Jedi is guided by ‘The Force?’  How is this greater force designed to help and support us along our journey?

Week 4:  Looks at how the various cultures and traditions work with the idea of non-dual consciousness; the notion that we are all connected and part of a greater whole. How to partake in this greater whole is discussed and explored.

Week 5:  Concentrates on the importance of personal responsibility and how this creates personal transformation.

Week 6:  Focuses on spiritual practice and how this can look differently for everyone. 

Week 7:  Dives into meditation and the role this plays in unlocking the inner awareness and wisdom that sits within each of us.

Week 8:  Consolidates the learning



The Book

'Developing Consciousness - A Roadmap of the Journey to Enlightenment' by Nicholas Vesey was published in July 2011 by O Books.

What People Say About the Course

Nicholas Vesey’s “Developing Consciousness” program is the perfect on-ramp for those new in their search for their spiritual path as well as for those looking to deepen their spiritual understanding.  His content is wise, welcoming, understandable and delivered with love and contagious enthusiasm. 
Barbara Owen
Developing Consciousness profound wisdom delivered with elegance and wit.
Jeffrey Alan Hoffman 
Developing Consciousness was an insightful & thought provoking class. Nicholas is passionate and he taught me the importance of self-reflection. I would recommend this class to anyone that is looking for a deeper meaning in their life.
Viji Varghese