Renting the Aspen Chapel



The Aspen Chapel was founded in 1969 with the mission to create a place for people to gather in lively encounter, and to question and seek relevant answers to issues facing contemporary society. This is a center for retreats, meditation, special services open to all, for musical presentations, for exhibits of art and literature and any other effort to seek paths leading to brotherhood and peace.  
Following a significant renovation in 2014, we are happy to open our building up to the public for rentals.
The Sanctuary, the Gallery, the Garden area, and individual rooms are available as rental space. Rates and contact details are listed on the back page.
The historic Sanctuary can hold up to 150 chairs for a seated event or 250 people for a standing reception. This room is wired with a state of the art Multimedia Center that can project films or record and live-stream your event to family and friends unable to attend. Use of the media system comes at an additional cost - see back page for pricing. All of the chairs are movable and we are able to set them in various arrangements depending on your specific function. The entire top floor is lit by beautiful stained glass windows surrounding the entire building.
The Gallery is located downstairs in the building. This space can hold 90 people for a seated event and has screens that are available to watch all activity happening upstairs, if needed. It can fit up to 150 people for a standing reception. Tables and chairs are available upon request. There is also a kitchen attached to that gallery are which is available for use along with any rented space.
During summer months, we offer the Garden area as a beautiful additional gathering space before, during, or after indoor activities. It is also available to rent on its’ own. The space can accommodate up to 200 people and outdoor tables and chairs are available for use.




Historic main space with movable chairs. State of the art multimedia system with recording and streaming capabilities. Holds 225 people for a seated event and 300 for a standing reception.


Open space. Holds 150 people for a seated event or 300 for a standing reception. Ability to screen/watch upstairs event.


Beautiful open space with tables and chairs available. Open during the summer months. Accommodates up to 150 people.

Please call (970) 925-7184 for more information about rates.

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