Meditation + Yoga

at the Aspen Chapel 

In light of the Coronavirus, the Aspen Chapel is suspending all social gatherings until further notice. We are offering the below classes via Zoom. For more information or questions, please email or phone 970-925-7184

Please click on the links below to participate via Zoom or watch live at the designated day/time.

Monday - Friday 

9:00-9:30am -  Morning Meditation with Heather Vesey - Click here to join via Zoom


5:30-6:30p - Aspen Noise -  Click here to join via Zoom
5:30-7:00p - Yoga and Meditation with Mimi Hauenstein - Click here to join via Zoom


6:00-7:00p - Insights Meditation, Discovery and Sharing - Click here to join via Zoom
10:00-11:00a - Wednesday Service led by Nicholas Vesey with interviews, conversation and music - Click here to watch live
12:00-12:30p - Dharma Talk with Lisa Goddard - Click here to join via Zoom