Summer of Love-2
Aspen Chapel Vision + Mission 


Take a setting provided by nature, offering the essence of spirituality in environment.  Erect here architecture to evoke the functioning of the concept of engaging religious faith in conversation with the world.  To this place gather, in lively encounter, leaders of religious thought to redefine spiritual values, to question, to seek relevant answers in a troubled world.  Here create a national-global ecumenical center for seminars and dialogues on theological concerns of contemporary society.  It is a testament to remind peoples in Aspen that there is foremost a spiritual dimension to our existence.  It is a center for retreats, for meditation, for special worship services open to all, for musical presentations, for exhibits of art and literature and any other effort to seek paths leading to brotherhood and peace.  This is the Aspen Chapel.  (1968)


The mission of the Aspen Chapel is to promote open and progressive theology, spiritual enrichment, and peace through interfaith engagement.  (2006)