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Lyle Yost: Aspen Chapel Founder
Bishop E. M. Yost was the original envisionary of the Aspen Chapel. Mr. Lyle Yost was E. M. Yost’s nephew and the original financier of the Aspen Chapel. They were both very innovative - E. M. with his unique vision of an interfaith chapel and Lyle with More ...
Open Hearts Open Minds  A Chapel of Spiritual Discovery
A Chapel of Spiritual Discovery More ...
Easter Service 2019
More ...
Chapel Sound Healing 4-18-19 P
Sound Healing + Meditation 
Dawn Sagonias compassionately plays gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes and drums to help aid relaxation and transformation. More ...
Job Openings 
Development Director More ...
Byron Katie 
"Loving What Is" Brought to you by Lead with Love and the Aspen Chapel More ...
Aspen Chapel | A Spiritual Home for Everyone
Empowered Girls 
 A Camp for Building Confidence and Authenticity  More ...
Aspen Chapel | A Spiritual Home for Everyone
Heritage Forum
ASPEN CHAPEL IS 50 YEARS OLD  Have your say about the next 50 years during three town hall meetings  At each town hall you will have a chance of hearing about the past and the present of the Chapel, and have an opportunity to give your view of its future. More ...