The Nature of Being 

Podcast Series by Nicholas Vesey

Nicholas looks at the way we go about ‘being’ in our daily lives and how it depends on our given worldview. He goes on to look at why it is worth the effort to work at any of this, how to ensure that we maximize our effect, how that brings about a natural order in our lives.

Finally he looks at our two natures, human and divine, and explores how to moderate the expression of those two natures.

The Nature of Being

April 23, 2017
The Nature of Being Podcast

Why Bother anyway?

May 7, 2017
 Why Bother

The Fullness of Being

May 21, 2017
 The Fullness of Being Podcast

The Joy of Order

May 28, 2017
 The Joy of Order Podcast

Body and Soul 

June 11, 2017
Body and Soul Podcast