New Book and Podcast Series: "Life-Force or Forced Life?"

by Nicholas Vesey 

Nicholas-directory Nicholas has just written a new book: "Life-Force or Forced Life?" This series of podcasts includes excerpts from his new book. It deals with the struggle we all have between when to let go into the flow of life, and when to act. During the five, 20-minute podcast sessions Nicholas looks at the key issues of letting go and being pro-active.

(By the way, we are looking for a US publisher, if you have any suggestions please do get in touch!)

Each podcast begins with a reading and then is followed by Nicholas' message. Enjoy!
Life-Force or Forced Life?
June 25, 2017

Dealing with Circumstances
July 2, 2017

Being actively passive, or passively active?
July 16, 2017

Playing our part in the world
July 23, 2017

Living the Life-Force 
August 13, 2017