Sound Healing + Meditation 

with Dawn Sagonias
Sunday, July 21st, 6:00 PM
Tickets $30
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We invite you to relax and expand your consciousness through the gentle experience of a sound healing with Dawn Sagonias.  Dawn plays gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums, and harmonium to give an experience of the deeper self.  Then, once the mind is quieter, we will meditate using a technique that is accessible, easy, and can be continued at home.  
This experience:
- washes stress from body
- quiets mind chatter
- helps reclaim yourself
- invites profound stillness
- adds balance to your life
- lets the nervous system relax and heal

Please bring a mat, blanket, eye cover, pillow or any other items to help you be comfortable laying down or sitting in a chair.  There is a limited supply of props at the Chapel as well.

The basic format for the event is seated breathwork to center us, laying down for the sound healing with a variety of instruments, and a seated meditation.

Chapel 7-21