Relationship Workshop Series 

 Love is the most powerful gift we have as humans. An intimate bond, more than any other type of relationship empowers us to thrive. So why is the beautiful gift of love so hard to keep alive? Join Lori Kret and Jeff Cole of Aspen Relationship Institute to learn the three biggest challenges to intimate relationships, and how to overcome them to love with both feet in.

Meets the following three Mondays 11:30-1:00pm

July 1st: Loving With Conviction
July 22nd: Mindful Communication
August 12th: Creating a More Powerful Connection

 Lori Ann Kret, MSW, LCSW, BCC
Jeffrey Cole MA, LPC, BCC
 Aspen Relationship Institute

Lori and Jeff are married therapists specializing in couple-to-couple coaching. Together, they provide clients with the insight, awareness and guidance to create healthy, intimate, and fulfilling bonds. Lori and Jeff met as colleagues, working together for years as licensed therapists with couples in all stages and states of relationship. They discovered a much deeper connection and journeyed through the joys and challenges of dating to create a marriage that is powerful, tender, raw and intimate. They established Aspen Relationship Institute as culmination of years of experience guiding couples to fulfillment and their own profound passion for authentic connection. 

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