Shamanic Journeying

A Path of Direct Revelation

Learn to Connect to Your Spirit Helpers for Healing & Wisdom

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Medicine Wheel & Healing Work

Sunday, December 8th, 2:00p – 5:00 p 

$45 pre-register w/ Aspen Chapel or $55 @ door

Bring blankets to be comfy on floor, water, snack, pen, journal

Private 2 hour Healing Sessions 
$175 per session

Sunday, December 8th
11:00a – 1:00p

Monday, December 9th (three times available)
10:30a–12:30p or 1:00p–3:00p or 3:30p–5:30p 

About Shamanism 

Shamanism is the belief that everything in life has energy. It is a knowing that all beings
on earth are connected, and that the world is a reflection of our own selves. This physical world brings much joy, as well as challenges that affect us individually and collectively.
From the shamanic perspective, stress and trauma may bring a loss of essence. Shamanic healing works on energetic, emotional, and physical levels to bring you back into balance.
Shamanic journeying, an ancient technique still in use around the world, awakens intuition, reduces stress, and increases creativity. As you connect to your own unique “godspark,”
your True Self, well being and personal power are restored to engage more fully in life.

About Barbara Haas

Barbara Haas, Shamanic SOULutions, has practiced shamanism since 1991, studied with Michael Harner (Way of the Shaman), and many Foundation of Shamanic Studies teachers. She is honored to be on Sandra Ingerman’s (Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self; Medicine for the Earth) Global Shamanic Teachers and Practitioners list. She has also studied Celtic Shamanism w/ Tom Cowan, Heart-Centered Shamanism w/ Betsy Bergstrom, Norse Shamanism w/ Imelda Almqvist & Anna Kjellin, Sacred Object Divination w/ Sangoma Gretchen Crilly McKay, and Native American wisdom w/ Northern Ute elder, Clifford Duncan. 
Shamanic Journeying