In light of the Coronavirus, the Aspen Chapel has suspended all its social gatherings until further notice.
We have put plans in place to support our community during this pandemic and are offering Sunday Service live streamed, as well as offering many of our weekly classes via Zoom, click here for a list of virtual offerings.  There will be no in-person gatherings held during this time. Below is an update provide by Pitkin County and a timeframe for when businesses will re-open. We will be following the County's recommendation to determine when it is safe to gather.

May 1, 2020

COVID 19 Update
Pitkin County has identified a phased approach to lift public health restrictions (see below). It is important to note that any reopening will be according to physical distancing guidelines that will reduce allowable activities and ultimately the number of guests that hotels and lodges will be able to accommodate. 
Pitkin County plans to move to the 'green' level on May 9th, at this time hotels and lodges will be able to begin preparing facilities (cleaning, etc.) with social distancing requirements. Pitkin County anticipates the 'blue' level would be reached 4-8 weeks after that, and at that time hotels and lodges will be able to begin accepting guests (again with social distancing requirements). 

Movement between phases will be based on our performance on key metrics to determine our community's readiness to move to the next phase (see below). For planning purposes we are projecting that the time between phases will be 6 weeks, but could be shorter (4 weeks) or longer (8+ weeks) depending on what we see in the data about infection rates and our hospital's ability to manage any surge that follows a gradual reopening.  

Using the six weeks between phases for planning purposes, which assumes a brief surge in infections that need to be brought under control, dates for six weeks look as follows:

6 Weeks Between Phases (Some infection surge with new activity): 
Green Level - May 9th - June 20th 
Blue Level - June 21st - August 21st 
Black Level - August 22nd  
If there is no surge, then moving to the blue level could happen earlier, under perfect conditions in 4 weeks, which looks like this:
4 Weeks Between Phases (Everything Goes Perfect):
Green Level - May 9th - June 6th
Blue Level - June 7th - July 5th
Black Level - August 2nd
Please note, the lifting of restrictions will be data driven, and based on our ability to isolate the virus, and keep the spread of the infection in check and meet the metrics as described below.  

trail map

The Metrics we will be evaluating to move between phases include: 

  • A sustained decrease in cases for at least 14 days. 
  • Measured by new cases per day, self-reports (where applicable), and positivity rates. 
  • Proxy measurement - new cases among healthcare workers 
  • Proxy measurement - hospital admission for COVID-19 
  • Hospitals are safely able to treat patients without resorting to crisis standards of care. 
  • Hospital census - regional census may be helpful 
  • Access to regional alternative care centre or regional plans are in place 
  • Hospitalizations are stable or decreasing 
  • Testing can be performed for all people with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection. 
  • Working towards testing capacity that is routinely accessible to every person who is symptomatic within 24 hours and results can be returned within 12-24 hours of specimen collection. 
  • Active monitoring can be accomplished for all COVID-19 cases and their contacts. 
  • Isolation orders can be delivered within 6 hours of a case report. 
  • Active monitoring and isolation must be in place. 

Community Resources

Pitkin County Public Health - Questions about coronavirus? Call the Pitkin County Community Coronavirus Hotline at (970) 429-6186 or the state of Colorado COVID Helpline at 1-877-462-2911 or email 

Colorado Department of Public Health - People who are symptomatic AND have traveled to affected areas or have been in contact with a known patient can call the CDPHE general epidemiology hotline #303-692-2700 This line is staffed seven days a week at from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Grief and Loss Support

Lexie Potamkin is offering her four part course on grief and loss free from her website.
It is a self-paced journey of powerful tools to help you through the grieving process.

If you are interested, click here

Mindsprings Helpline 1-877-519-7505 Mind Springs Health Offers New Mental Health Support Line

 staffed with mental health professionals providing support and guidance during COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are looking for a mask, you can buy them locally from

If you want to help with making them Jill Sheeley is a part of the Angel Mask Project, working on making masks for Children's Hospital and now for AVH.
They are asking for the following:
1) if anyone is interested in sewing masks
2) if anyone has these items: 1/2 inch bias tape, elastic, and/or Hepa vacuum cleaner bags.
They are running very low on materials and it's hard to get these items.
 You can contact Jill at

Pitkin Alerts - Subscribe to the Pitkin Alert text message updates by texting CVIRUS to 888-777

Pitkin County Website - COVID19 updates

City of Aspen - COVID19 updates

Aspen Chamber of Commerce - COVID19 updates

Volunteer opportunities

Aspen Area Volunteers – Facebook group 

Aspen Family Connections - Website 

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